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Journal of the Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation 2010;10(3):53-60.
Published online June 30, 2010.
방재마을 구축에 관한 연구
백민호, 이지향
Study on the Plan for Disaster Prevention Town Development
Min-Ho Back, Ji-Hyang Lee
Globally, the actual circumstance is that local downpours are occurring and the droughts are extensively continuing on and the occurrence of large-scale earthquakes is increasing as a result of changes in nature environment. It is being pointed out also in the case of Korea for the urgent countermeasures against the situation of repeated occurrence of disasters in the regions where the concept of disaster prevention has not been applied. Accordingly, the National Emergency Management Agency has been implementing the formation of disaster prevention trial towns since 2009 for the regions vulnerable to disasters and searching for plans to improve disaster prevention measures. Therefore, the concept of disaster prevention town and the program type were summarized in this study, and the development strategy for developing disaster prevention town was presented through the related laws and policies and the case analysis of domestic and international trial programs, and the basic concept of forming disaster prevention town was presented to present basic information for developing disaster prevention town.
Key Words: emergency management town; disaster risk district; revitalization plan
전 세계는 자연환경의 변화로 지역적 폭우의 발생, 가뭄현상의 장기화, 대규모 지진발생이 증가하고 있는 실정이다. 우리나라의 경우도 방재개념이 적용되지 않은 지역에서 반복적으로 재해가 발생하여 대책이 시급하다는 지적을 받고 있다. 이에 소방방재청에서는 2009년부터 재해취약지역을 대상으로 방재시범마을의 조성을 추진하며 방재대책의 개선방안을 모색하고 있다. 본 연구에서는 방재마을구축과 관련하여 방재마을의 개념 및 사업 유형에 대해 정리하고, 관련제도, 국내 외 시범사업의 사례분석을 통해 방재마을 구축에 관한 발전전략을 제시하고 방재마을 조성에 대한 기본개념을 제시하여 방재마을 구축의 기초자료를 제시했다.
핵심용어: 방재마을; 재해위험지구; 활성화 방안


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