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Journal of the Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation 2012;12(2):287-292.
Published online April 30, 2012.
폐 광산 주변 농경지 토양의 중금속 안정화 연구
최명찬, 나승민, 김지형, 장민
Stabilization of Heavy Metal Contaminated Paddy Soils
Mingcan Cui, Sengmin Na, Jeehyeong Khim, Min Jang
In this study, the stabilization treatment efficiency of coal mine drainage sludge (CMDS), waste cow bone (WCB) and waste oyster shell (WOS), which mainly contain ${alpha}$-FeOOH and $CaCO_3$, $C_{10}(PO_4)_6(OH)_2$ and CaO, respectively, was estimated for ordinary and paddy fields contaminated with arsenic, lead and other heavy metals. After mixing the contaminated soils completely with stabilization materials, the samples were preserved with moisture for 28 days. The extraction of As, Pb, Cu, Zn and Cd for ordinary soils stabilized by CMDS(wt. 15%) and WOS(wt. 5%) were 5.1, 0.12, 0.33, 2.28 and 0.25 mg/kg, respectively, satisfying the concerned limit for `Ga` region established by the Ministry of Environment at 2009. The extracted arsenic concentrations of paddy soils stabilized by CMDS(wt. 20%), CMDS(wt. 10%)/WOS(wt. 5%), CMDS(wt. 15%)/WOS(wt. 5%), and CMDS(wt. 10%)/WOS(wt. 10%) were 1.6, 3.52, 2.2 and 2.42 mg/kg, respectively. These results also satisfied the concerned limit for `Ga` region.
Key Words: Coal mine drainage sludge; Waste cow bone; Waste oyster shell; Stabilization; Arsenic; Heavy metal
본 연구에서는 오염된 논밭의 토양에서 비소 및 중금속을 안정화하기 위하여 ${alpha}$-FeOOH와 $CaCO_3$, $C_{10}(PO_4)_6(OH)_2$, CaO를 각 주성분으로 하는 석탄광산배수슬러지(coal mine drainage sludge: CMDS), 폐소뼈(waste cow bone: WCB) 및 폐굴껍질(waste oyster shell: WOS)을 사용하여 안정화 처리 효율을 평가하였다. 오염된 토양을 안정화 물질과 충분히 혼합한 후, 28일 동안 수분과 함께 양생시켰다. 밭 토양을 CMDS(wt. 15%), WOS(wt. 5%)과 혼합하여 안정화 처리 시 비소, 납, 구리, 아연, 카드뮴은 각각 5.1, 0.12, 0.33, 2.28과 0.25 mg/kg 용출되어 환경보전법(2009년)상 `가` 지역의 오염우려기준을 만족시켰다. 또한 논토양의 경우, CMDS(wt. 20%); CMDS(wt. 10%)과 WOS(wt. 5%); CMDS(wt. 15%), WOS(wt. 5%); CMDS(wt. 10%), WOS(wt. 10%)에 의해 각각 1.6, 3.52, 2.2과 2.42 mg/kg 가 용출되어 오염우려기준을 모두 만족시킬 수 있었다.
핵심용어: 석탄광산배수슬러지; 폐소뼈; 폐굴껍질; 안정화; 비소; 중금속


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